Omen- an occurrence that is believed to be a supernatural indicator of future
good or evil!

The Omens is an American Garage and Psychedelic band that was formed in Denver Colorado in 2004.

Self confessed vinyl record junkies consuming vast amounts of sounds from overflowing record collections, the band has set out to create an alternative to the canned, bland and trendy sounds emanating from the live clubs and airwaves across the land.

Why it's tops: The formula is simple: Take neck-snapping guitar riffs, add howls, fat drums and a menacing organ. Mix, then rock. The Omens read the recipe. This fivesome takes elements of some of the best early garage, psych rock (13th Floor Elevators, Remains, Moving Sidewalks, Seeds) marries them to a hedonistic blacklight powered snarl and turns the volume knob past 11.

Having toured extensively throughout the USA, Mexico and Canada, 2017 sees the Omens kicking it into
overdrive as the band embarks for their fifth tour of Europe to play the Cosmic Trip Festival in Bourges France and then it's back home just in time for the party at UMS 2017!

So what are you waiting for!? Wipe the dried beer off of those dancing shoes and come shake it with The Omens!

Vaughn Warner,
West Coast Promo man
San Francisco USA