The Hornet

In the past fifteen years, Shiny Around the Edges has written songs, played instruments, released three albums, a 7", and a number of tracks for compilations, occasionally driven in a van for hours at a time, organized bake sales, played museums, played houses, enjoyed deli trays, provided voiceover for anime films, graduated members to Neon Indian, Tiger Hatchery, and Sanguine Eagle, played as the Castanets for a week or so, and droned onstage with Greg Ginn. They expect more of the same over the course of the next fifteen years.


“...invokes the majesty of Swans at its angriest and most exultant...”
- ALL MUSIC GUIDE (4 out of 5 stars)

“Shiny distills early Velvet Underground dissonance...”

“...pummeling and introspective; soothing and apocalyptic.”

“Shiny Around the Edges have always struck me as a band more concerned with creating moods than simply writing their songs...”