Skylark Lounge

Saphyre Rain is husband and wife team, Austin and Amanda Harras. The hard rock duo has crafted a cutting sound that is inviting and inspiring, with a passion for bringing hope to the world. Located in Northern Colorado, the two co-compose their material, with Austin as drummer and Amanda as vocalist/guitars.

Their debut EP "Break the Cycle", released March 2016, (single "Live") is characterized by driving metallic beats, dark guitar-riff tonality, and sincere melodic colors. The band will release their second EP, late Summer 2017. Both records were produced by Nick Sullivan of The Keep studio.

Saphyre Rain has had the honor of opening for: Gemini Syndrome, Art of Dying, Seasons After, Righteous Vendetta, JT Woodruff of Hawthorne Heights, Otep, and Flaw. Austin Harras is proudly endorsed by SJC Custom Drums.

The vision behind Saphyre Rain is to tell a generation of the light, through music. We want every person that we come into contact with to know: you are loved, your life is precious, and your story is a critical element to the future.