South Broadway Christian Church

The songs from Paul DeHaven's first solo album, the EP "What Are You Looking For That is Here Only", are built on tasteful and forward guitar playing, his unique songwriting, and his belief that just because it's a solo record, that doesn't mean it has to be boring. Culled from the last two years of writing for his other projects, the songs on this album have a distinct and lively feel. "It's not a singer-songwriter record, even though I do both of those things. I think of myself as much as a guitarist and producer as I do a songwriter." The songs range from straight ahead straight ahead folk-rock ("Side of the Road"), fuzzed out dub ("Live Your Life"), to instrumental and found sound soothers ("Postcoital Lullaby").
Paul has been a fixture of the thriving Denver music scene for over 10 years, well-respected for his time crafting licks and tunes as a founding member of Paper Bird and Eye & the Arrow.
The album's title comes from a photograph Paul took while in South America (which was since lost) of a poorly yet poetically translated sign. In his own words: "I thought it was a brilliant and bizarrely eloquent sales pitch for self-directed awareness. Creating this album was definitely that. I wrote,engineered, performed [with the help of Blake Stepan and Robin Chestnut on bass and drums respectively], mixed and mastered this mother, and learned a ton about songs, sonics, and self in the process. Enjoy."
Good advice, Paul. We do, and will.