In some spheres of philosophical thought the primary distinction between human and animal is the humans overwhelming compulsion to categorize. This compulsion has lead to an steadily increasing pool of portmanteau-ized musical genres and subgenres. Of these modern descriptions Palehorse/Palerider could probably best categorized as 'Doomgaze'; combining the styles and sensibilities common to shoegaze, but with a somewhat darker overall sound and message.

"...the quintessential essence of doomgaze." -- echoes and dust

Palehorse/Palerider self produced and released their debut full length 'Burial Songs' in digital formats on 4 February, 2017 followed up by a 12" Vinyl release on 28 April, 2017, commensurate with a limited cassette release by Graven Earth Records, which has thus far received very positive feedback both locally and internationally. In short order they were included in the 6fortyRadio and CKUM FM's Quoi-ce Que T'ecoute? podcasts and radio shows, were invited to contribute a track to the Shoegazer Sanctuary compilation Gazing Into The Sun, and have received glowing reviews from the Echoes and Dust, and Evig Lyttar, Cadaver Garden, Siren Sound, The Blog that Celebrates Itself and Wonderbox Metal music blogs.

"...quite simply, one of the most stunning and original albums I have heard for quite some time, and if I hear something better this year I will be surprised and delighted."
--echoes and dust

"Reverb never sounded so intensely deep and filled with such epic sonic doom as in this beautifully dark new release from the enigmatic Palehorse/Palerider"
-- Shoegazer Sanctuary Music

Breathtaking in scope and flawless in delivery, this is a highly accomplished piece of work.
-- Wonderbox Metal

The band is comprised of Brandon Richier (Guitar and Vocals), David Atkinson (Bass Guitar), Nathan Marcy (Drums). Despite having all known each other since the 1990s they hadn't played together until this project.

Palehorse/Palerider can be most easily contacted via facebook (https://www.facebook.com/palehorse.palerider.denver) or by emailing:


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