3 Kings Tavern

To be lifted up close to the sun – in the shape of a gargantuan amplifier speaker – to be wrapped in swaths of giant guitar chords and ambient waves of light, and then sliding down a silken slide into an impossibly soft, cool bed and unconsciousness. - Billy Thieme

Pale Sun is a force of gravity pulled together by some of Denver's most distinctive players including Jeff Suthers, Kit Peltzel, Brian Marcus and Adam Shaffner. Players who have been a part of Denver music since the 90's, and continuing on today. Bands like Bright Channel, Space Team Electra, Tjutjuna and Nathaniel Ratliff and the Night Sweats all have pedigree in the band. The sound could be described as a darkness that travels within a ray of light or a place of solace in a turbulent sea. It's about sonic, shimmering, dreamy guitars embraced by dark pulses of bass and drums.