3 Kings Tavern

You know how Young Money is a supergroup and Lil Wayne's record label? Moon Magnet Collective decided to do just that and started a band called Moon Hammer. Moon Magnet is a recording studio/record label where artists can be themselves and express freely. Moon Hammer strives to inspire musicians to try new things and promotes a “you can do anything with practice; barriers are mostly mental” DIY ethos. They’re recording their full length and Ghosting, their first single, was inspired by Salvador Dali’s cookbook. The group consists of 12 people from different bands including Venus Cruz, Jeremy Averitt, Ishka Bee Phoenix, Mikey Smith, Mark Emmons, Maria Kohler, Megan Crooks, Ben Weirich, Neil Lyons, Derrick Bozich, Adrian Wright, and Reed Fuchs.