Gary Lees Motor Club and Grub

"Montoneros sounds as though its members have spent half a lifetime perfecting intricate runs and rhythms while listening to a whole lot of Don Caballero, Pinback and A Minor Forest. But where those acts typically escalate the intensity and aggression of their songs, Montoneros lets its tunes drift into delicate melodies that float by like spring clouds."
-Tom Murphy, Westword Magazine

Montoneros has shared the stage with renowned international acts such as Jimmy Eat World, Lydia, Hop Along, Rob Crow of Pinback, Tiny Moving Parts, Pinegrove, and many more, in addition to being nominated as one of 2015's best post-punk acts in Denver by Westword Magazine.

"Contemplative and raw, capturing the same upbeat sullenness that drew people to those early Modest Mouse albums." – Bandwagon Magazine

“Complex, yet beautiful, calm math rock layers that will stir a melancholy spirit.” –

"A must-listen for any confused twenty-something living in this uncertain world." – Westword Magazine