Irish Rover

Mirror Fears is the dark ambient solo act of Kate Warner, based in Denver, CO. The first Mirror Fears EP, influenced by bands like Múm and Curve, came out in late 2010. She was just beginning to play out when she met the musicians with whom she would form Talk All Night. Over four years, Warner honed her writing, performing, and production methods with the band, until bringing the focus back to her solo project. She released her first full-length album in 2012, and following years would bear witness to multiple tours, releases, and collaborations with artists such as Hollow Press, Time, Curta, Nightgrinder, Snake Rattle Rattle Snake, Morlox, and Solypsis. Live, Mirror Fears reflects both pop and experimental backgrounds, as Warner performs songs and improvised interludes to make every show unique.

Mirror Fears is currently planning a West Coast co-tour alongside Denver band Church Fire, in support of her second full-length album Eaten, due out in June 2017.