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After years of curing his voice, Larry Nix has become a thunderbird of song. The northwest Alabama native and Macy Sounds recording artist will release his EP album, ‘The Gospel of Country & Soul’ in Spring of 2017 to critical and public acclaim. "I'm just a translator of the soul of American music," Nix says, "expressing sounds of a bygone era to a new generation."

Larry Nix was born in Tupelo, Mississippi in 1983. After being raised on classic soul and country in Alabama, he moved to Denver to join the amazing music and arts scene. Larry Nix is a singer and songwriter with hundreds of songs in his catalog. Quickly gaining notoriety, Nix has continued to wow and woo music lovers all over the state of Colorado and beyond. Larry has assisted in scoring local and national documentaries such as Beer Culture and Crafting a Nation. He has recorded with some of the best musicians in L.A. and Nashville along with myriad talent in Denver. He also contributes to the community with his sensational open mic at Local 46, on the Northwest side of Denver.

In 2017, Larry Nix will be releasing a highly anticipated album from Macy Sound Studios.