jilly.fm (Jillian Grutta), the soul-juice groove-guide. She curates eclectic mixes and mashups that feature acapellas of powerhouse divas layered with a catalogue of songs that should be spinning on the radio (hence '.fm'). Jilly is a Souls In Action artist and no stranger to Denver’s music scene; known for her versatility as a musician, producer, and performance-style swag as a DJ-Singer. She has shared the stage with international artists including Hayden James, Lion Babe, Crystal Castles, Kamau and Illenium. Her mission is to hydrate your soul with an unforgettable experience and provide you an atmosphere that celebrates the magic of feel-good music and the freedom to be yourself. Gear up and dive into the jungle trap-gospel-house-future r&b-disco garage and let your hair down; shake your ass. It's time to tune in and tune up with jilly.fm.