As far as metal bands go, Hydraform manages to strike a working balance between accessible and
visceral. Toth’s rhythms hit with the weight and momentum of a freight train and set the background for
Streifer’s machine-gun fast riffs. Jarvinen’s low-frequency dominance glues the two together while filling
out the band’s core sound. Pashko wields his raking voice with surprising control, pushing the limits of
emotion and power without sacrificing tonal quality.
To “get” Hydraform, you have to see them live. The group fills a room with frenetic energy that belies
their age and experience. Moshing and antics abound – hell, the band will even get off stage and
headbang with their fans in the pit. But they can pull it off. Where some acts would come off as over-
the-top, Hydraform instead channels a genuine honesty through their music and persona. And as icing
on the cake, you’d have to travel to Scandinavia to find more girls at a metal concert.