Since 2012, Colorado’s indie dance-punk duo Get Along has been creating music that is soulful, bizarre, and intrinsically explosive. Yet Nicholas and Cara Yañez’s story began long before then, and transcends the normalcy of the average family. Donning their war paint and stirring their cauldron of sounds, Get Along strays galaxies beyond the ordinary.

The two met in high school in their hometown of Monument, CO. Cara was thirteen, Nicholas was seventeen, and they were drawn together by mutual friends and a shared musical talent. It soon became clear they were meant to work together, both as bandmates and soulmates. Since then, the two have formed a family, with the addition of their two-year-old daughter, and have propelled themselves against the odds to put it all on the line and create music full-time.

With inspiration ranging from wayward fantasies to gritty, dramatic realities, Get Along's music caters to the stripped-down strangeness in humanity. Each song incorporates soulful vocals, chaotic synth-punk beats, and general oddities, yet no two songs sound the same. Such was exemplified with their 2017 release "Death of a Spirit Animal" which acted as a departure from their earlier releases ("Slip Up", and "YUKI"). "Death of a Spirit Animal" is more spontaneous and gritty than previous releases, acting as an unexpected, but well received lead single to their upcoming 2017 Fall EP release.