Irish Rover

If Salvador Dali’s paintings were music, they would sound like déCollage. Formed in 2009 by Moon Magnet Studio’s ringleader, Reed Fuchs, déCollage is hardly a four-piece, as over 20 of Denver’s most creative musicians chose to participate, including members of Rose Quartz, Sound of Ceres/Candy Claws, Rubedo and many more. Magnetize, their 3rd record, released on Misra Records/Sub Pop Licensing May 27th. It's what Impose Magazine describes as "A kaleidoscopic avant-pop anthem from the grandchildren of Elephant 6." Their shows are theatrical, free-spirited parties; interactive to the point the audience gets doused in space blankets while transcendental artists paint on stage. People dress up for their shows and a giant oyster made by one of Flaming Lips & Miley Cyrus's costume designers, Natalie Wetzel, dance in the crowd with a slew of other costumes. déCollage has played alongside the likes of Animal Collective, of Montreal, and Deerhoof. Their eclectic Psych Pop incorporates accordion, glockenspiel, etc, over a canvas of found sounds Reed records {typewriters, trains, leaves, zippers, oatmeal, circuit bending}. Reed’s lyrics navigate our fragmented, post-modern world through metaphysics, surrealism, abstraction, and most of all wonder! déCollage is interested in sounds for their own sake; in this way their music is World, the world of sound, the world’s sound.