Main Stage @ 363 S Broadway

Colorado's CALL OF THE VOID produces the aural equivalent of getting repeatedly kicked in the teeth by a ten­-ton, steelforged beast. Originally formed in Boulder as Ironhorse in late 2011, the band plays a furious mix of punk, hardcore and grind. After releasing 2 full lengths on Relapse Records and a new EP received unanimously as their best work to date called A.Y.F.K.M on Translation Loss Records, CALL OF THE VOID have Toured across the US Multiple times, played many Festivals with the likes of DROPDEAD, Weekend Nachos, Nails and Sold Out shows with Pig Destroyer and Power Trip. Despite the aggressive negativity of CALL OF THE VOID’s music, the future looks promising for the Colorado quartet: nothingness may beckon, but CALL OF THE VOID has found the perfect balance of temptation and restraint, its nihility teetering on the edges of triumph and despair