Main Stage @ 363 S Broadway

A few years ago singer-songwriter Brent Cowles had no idea he was stumbling toward a deeper self-actualization and the record that would likely break his career wide open.

The most meaningful relationship of his life was dying, and so was the band to which he’d given his everything. Rudderless in self-doubt, Cowles narrowed his focus to zero in on his music – moving into his truck for five months, reevaluating his artistic pathos and surrounding himself with community in his adopted hometown of Denver.

As Cowles reordered his headspace, his music began to fall in line. A poignant shared moment with a respected friend and colleague helped point Cowles in a new direction, and it wasn’t long before he traded his acoustic guitar for an electric and charged forward with the renewed sense of purpose and energy found on Cold Times, Cowles’ amped-up solo debut for Dine Alone Records (out April 28 and produced by Joe Richmond of Churchill).