Skylark Lounge

Boat Drinks began in 2015 when two expats from the Republic of Texas, songwriter Chris (guitar and vox) and Bear (bass), met at a Labor Day party in the Cap Hill neighborhood in Denver. They bonded over a mutual love of the Get-Up Kids and Pavement, and they kept those influences front and center as the lineup rounded out with Tiff (keys) and Dylan (drums). The quartet quickly honed a high energy and electric live show, playing everywhere from living rooms to national touring stages, opening for acts such as American Wrestlers and Gringo Star.

Channeling the fire of Ted Leo + Pharmacists, the raw power of the Replacements, and the melodic quirks of Menomena, Boat Drinks codified their sound on 2016's debut EP "Dork Mansion," named after Chris' house in Denver's Barnum neighborhood.