Animal Electricity consists of remnants of a few former Denver bands including, most predominantly, The Build-Up. The band is comprised of four persons who play electric and acoustic music on mostly stringed or percussive instruments (no woodwinds). The band's lead singer was formerly the band's guitar player who happened to be standing closest to the microphone after the band's actual lead singer departed one night for good. Animal Electricity does not have a publicist, a marketing team, or even a website (not even FB); in fact, the members readily acknowledge that they are without ambition other than to entertain themselves and their listeners for small blocks of time before returning to the drudgery of every day life where they must endure the elevation of fools into rich heroes, as Bukowski pointed out. Despite their resistance to any definition of "success," Animal Electricity and its members have enjoyed radio play, have recorded music for films and documentaries, and have even been invited to write and play songs (and did write and play) for Neal Cassady's family. The band has shared the stage with a variety of interesting artists, from David Wax to David Amram. The band has also shared the stage with artists whose first names do not start with David.