Fort Frances

To understand Fort Frances? ?Alio? ? pronounced ah-low ? you have to start with a cover of a 1991 Will Smith song. Three years ago, the Chicago-based trio parted ways with their indie rock roots to record their own take on the hip hop classic ?Summertime.? With a smooth bed of 808s and hand claps, [...]

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Ultimate Painting

ULTIMATE PAINTING - GREEN LANES (Trouble In Mind Records) "Sun-kissed psychedelia far out into the stars, landing on an astral plane where Velvet-y drone met Kinks-y melody" - Rolling Stone "The playing is precise, subdued and autumnal. But, oh, the songwriting! Both Mazes and Veronica Falls have made outstanding albums before, but this is surely [...]

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South of France

South Of France is an indie-pop band that was initially started by multi-intstrumentalist/producer/songwriter Jeff Cormack in 2011. Inspired by his love for retro guitar-pop, it began as a bedroom-recording project created during Jeff?s spare time away from writing/producing for film, television, and/or other recording artists. As the songs developed, Jeff realized that the addition of [...]

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Adia Victoria

Adia Victoria is establishing a fresh reference point on the musical landscape. From blood?born howls to idiosyncratic phrasing, she is the big red dot saying You Are Here. The Nashville?based artist travels the lands of rock, afro punk, and country, squarely situated in the continent of the Blues. Ask about her artistic goals, and the [...]

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Methyl Ethel

Methyl Ethel is the uninhibited alt?pop project from Perth musician Jake Webb. The band started in 2013, as an outlet for the reverb soaked home recordings Webb was working on whilst developing his ambient and textural guitar playing in a variety of local outfits. Methyl Ethel has since blossomed into one of the most critically [...]

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WIREDOGS is an American punk rock band formed in Denver, Colorado in 2013. Wiredogs is Dan Aid - guitar and vocals, Mark Hibl - bass, Steven Beck - guitar, and Stefan Runstrom - drums. To date, Wiredogs has released two records, The Resistance EP, produced by Chris Fogal and mixed/mastered by Jason Livermore at The [...]

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Shady Elders

"Like a drugged Ella Fitzgerald singing to a dying lover" (Denver Westword), Fox Rodemich's inimitable, vibrato-soaked vocals are the centerpiece to Shady Elders' shimmery yet dark take on dream pop, shoegaze, doo-wop and indie rock. ? The Denver based band's 2013 debut EP, No Favors, was released via Hot Congress Records to high acclaim, and [...]

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Sound of Ceres

Karen and Ryan Hover, having completed a Perfect Triumvirate of Candy Claws albums, formed Sound of Ceres in 2014 as a duo in collaboration with members of the Apples in Stereo and the Drums. While Candy Claws explored terrestrial realms such as the ocean, the forest, and the Mesozoic, Sound of Ceres expands to contemplate [...]

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So Pitted

?We?re a band named after a YouTube video. I like that.? Nathan Rodriguez is referring to a certain viral clip of a surfer, standing on the shore in front of mountainous early?morning waves, relaying to a TV reporter the glory of the ocean conditions from which he has just emerged. To most viewers, the clip [...]

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Dirty Few

Warm beers. Out-of-tune guitars. Cancelled shows. While lesser bands have crumbled under the weight of such colossal rock & roll bummers, Dirty Few has not only weathered the storm but emerged victorious, leading an entire army of Denver dive-bar diehards into a rad utopia where the babes are hot, the PBR flows like wine and [...]

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