Flaural is a Psych-Noise Rock band from Colorado, USA.?Derived from previous projects, A Band In Pictures, Bloodhound, and Shady Elders, the band consists of Singer and multi-instrumentalist Collin Johnson, Guitarist Noah Pfaff, Drummer Nick Berlin, and Multi-instrumentalist Connor Birch.?Formed in the Spring of 2015, Flaural?employs traditional Rock instruments with a modern fare of abstract Synth [...]

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"On ?Behind Your Man,? Plum reimagine ?60s psychedelia with a precision and fervor that soars far above their peers. The Denver rockers craft a serpentine, Revolver-esque riff that energetically buzzes beneath their colorful harmonies. If this psych-rock epic is any indication of Plum?s future, it is big and bright. Listen below." - All Things Go

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Porlolo?is the musical project of Erin Roberts, formed in 2002 with guitarist Tom Mohr, drummer Ben DeSoto, and keyboard/bassist Natalie Tate.??Porlolo?navigates a musical landscape of indie-folk, americana, and rock. Porlolo?discography includes?What Would This Be For?(Split EP with Roger Green, 2002),?Storm and Season?(2004),?Meadows?(2006),?Pony Trekk?(Split EP with Kate Magnus, 2009) and?Everything, Barely?(2014), a 3-song EP produced and [...]

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Covenhoven was built by his Grandfather. One skinned log atop another. Arcadia in the woods. A cabin where he and they always came together to be alone. The Grandson?s childhood grew from that soil and when he was back in the city he dreamt of those surreal washes of color and scent: those sounds that [...]

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Allah-Las met while working at Amoeba Music, a key destination for music lovers in Los Angeles. While this experience helped shape their sensibility, their sound was forged in an underground basement where they came together as a band. They began gigging in Los Angeles in 2008, refining their live performance, and finally released their first [...]

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The Raven & The Writing Desk

The most consistent thing about The Raven and the Writing Desk is evolution. After a year of turmoil, TRAWTD shed it's baroque-pop skin for a lush, dreamy dark-pop sound inlaid with the heavy grooves and introspection of a year of change. Westword says "The new music is nothing like the old. LiBassi's lyric-writing has matured, [...]

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Slow Caves

Inspired by late nights in Hollywood, high speed car chases, red eye flights and vintage?skateboard videos, the synth-punk musings of?SLOW CAVES?bleed a James Dean-esque revelry that explodes into a rich baritone croon. There's adrenaline, there's sonic vibration, there's blistering guitars and throbbing bass lines. It blends and molds together to create something visceral, yet refined.? [...]

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SPELLS is a five-piece rock juggernaut from Denver, CO. They are vacation rock to be exact. They produce short blasts of intense melody and driving rhythms that are custom made to entertain the band members athemselves and serve as an excuse to go play shows in cities that have beaches nearby. If your city?s best [...]

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The Still Tide

Having left behind New York City?s jagged cityscape for the mountains of Denver?s skyline, indie rock trio The Still Tide has at last found a place to call home. Written and recorded in the aftermath of the move, their new EP Half Empty Rooms?refracts the grit and urgency of city life through the lens of [...]

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