Emerald Siam

Arising out of the ashes of beloved Denver noise rock band, Overcasters, the gents of Emerald Siam present their brand of big, loud, droning, danceable space and psych rock, catapulting audiences ears and souls forward, forward to the precipice of the abyss. Emerald Siam began at the end of 2012 with the shared vision of [...]

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The Epilogues

The Epilogues are a commanding indie/synth/rock outfit hailing from Denver, Colorado. Combining pristine melodies, meaningful lyrics, and dynamic keyboards, the band delivers polished and danceworthy tunes that carry a kick. After their hit single ?Hunting Season" became a staple on the radio in Denver, The Epilogues gained explosive momentum with dazzling live shows, popular headlining [...]

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The Bunny Gang

Nathen Maxwell has the word Revolution tattooed prominently on his left wrist. However, It's more than just a word for The Bunny Gang frontman and Flogging Molly bassist. "It's a sign of what time it is," he affirms. "Revolution must be peaceful, nonviolent, and conscious. I think it can mean something different to everybody though. [...]

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The Yawpers

A stripped down, brazen rock and roll band from Colorado, accompanied by overdriven acoustic guitars and a trap kit. Inspired by Whitman's promise to "sound my barbaric yawp over the roofs of the world," the Yawpers have created a sound that is equal parts frenetic, earnest, and menacing, all while bringing together disparate pieces of [...]

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Promised Land Sound

Promised Land Sound, Nashville?s finest purveyors of febrile root?work psychedelia, chose to begin at the beginning; they named themselves after an immortal road?dogging Chuck Berry jam and proceeded from there. For such a young band?though they?re now all in their twenties, some weren?t even of legal drinking age when they released their debut?they?re remarkably attuned [...]

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Thee Oh Sees

Thee Oh Sees are the latest incarnation of songwriter, singer, and guitarist John Dwyer?s ever?evolving pop?folk psychedelic group. Dwyer, who hails from Providence, RI, has been active on the San Francisco indie scene since the late ?90s, working with several bands, including the Coachwhips, Pink & Brown, Yikes, Up Its Alive, and Swords & Sandals, [...]

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If the opening moments of POLI?A's new album, United Crushers, leave you feeling unsettled, then Channy Leaneagh has done her job. With her voice pitch-shifted down into an ominous, nearly unrecognizable register, she sings of a post-industrial urban landscape littered with broken promises, a land of poverty and violence that's been rigged against us from [...]

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The Bright Light Social Hour

The Bright Light Social Hour About the authors Questions bring art to life. Songs can still ponder socio?political issues, the fragility and isolation of the human condition, and what lies ahead for earth. Moreover, music possesses the potential and gravitas to incite change, while reflecting the world?s faults and follies. The Bright Light Social Hour [...]

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San Fermin

In December of 2012, the initially makeshift project performed a single concert?from sheet music?and signed a record deal. Their self?titled debut was subsequently released worldwide in the fall of 2013 via Downtown Records. Following rave reviews, the band was thrust into the spotlight, performing sold out shows and festivals across the world and opening for [...]

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